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IMPACT's Vincent says he had plans to win Ring of Honor World Title

IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT's Vincent appeared on "House of Hardcore" this week to talk about his two year storyline with Matt Taven in ROH and what the next step in his career was going to be before ROH shut down.

“That’s when I started talking with all the vignettes and promos, and even the aesthetics of the way I looked. That’s when all that stuff evolved," Vincent said.

"I think the story wrote itself with us knowing each other for so long. After the cage match at the 2300 Arena which was so cool to me, it had the feeling, even the night before I remember being anxious and nervous to do the match."

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"It wasn’t because of the match. It was because it was like, wow, we did this story for almost two years and here’s the final match. It felt like this is the end of this entire story, this book that we just wrote. It had that feeling."

He continued, "After the match when I’m standing over Taven with the crown on and we’re all bloody, it had that visual, like, 'Okay, this is great.' The Righteous are now going to move forward."

"We were supposed to start something with Jay Lethal. It was supposed to be me and Jay Lethal at the last Final Battle. We were going to go into it with Jay Lethal and then Jay Lethal was going to join Righteous. The whole idea was Jay Lethal was going to help me and lead me to the Ring of Honor World Title as part of the group. We were going to use that to climb to the World Title."

"There’s a lot of ideas even after Taven that I think would have really kind of helped my career a lot. I think it would have been another layer to kind of keep that momentum climbing up. Unfortunately, right as we were starting it, everything kind of happened and it got sidetracked. So at Final Battle, it ended up being me, Bateman and Bill Carr (Dutch) winning the Six-Man Tag Titles for the last time. I was the first ever, so we capped it off with the last ever. I was very happy for Bill Carr and Bateman to have that going out of Ring of Honor. For me, to see those guys get a little something from ROH being there for such a short time was cool for me.”

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