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Jay White says he isn't signed with IMPACT, is still with New Japan

New Japan Pro Wrestling

New Japan Pro Wrestling

Jay White appeared on "The Sessions with Renee Paquette" this week to talk about his status with IMPACT Wrestling, his wrestling style, and his experience with IMPACT so far.

Jay White said he has not signed a contract with IMPACT Wrestling:

“I didn’t sign with them. I’m still with New Japan but luckily, I have a fair bit of freedom where I can kind of go and do what I want so to speak,” White answered.

White was trained in Japan early in his career. Renee asked him, “How much do you think that sort of style, and still having that respect, and being brought up through the wrestling business should be instilled in American wrestling?”

White responded, “I think so, but not completely. I'm not saying Japan's system is perfect. I think there's plenty of flaws to it. That's just my opinion. Yeah, I think that whole respect thing, sometimes that can be overdone. Sometimes people think that just because you've been doing something for longer means that you're above somebody else," Jay said.

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"So I feel like you got to find a balance of that, not just who's been there longer. But I think it is important, but again, sometimes it can just be kind of overdone and stuff. So finding a balance of that, listening to the people that have been to the places where you want to go and the experiences they've had, you'd be an idiot to not listen to that stuff."

"So you're going to want to be respectful and listen to certain people, and at the end of the day, it's only going to help you."

White talked about his experience in IMPACT so far:

“It's been fun and fresh, Fresh is always good. Bullet Club has been around for a while now, so keeping things fresh is always good," he said.

"Shaking it up with members, dropping some and adding some more, just so it's not always the same old thing. Adding the best members and pieces that are going to help us move forward, in my opinion, has been fun."

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