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Jeff Hardy speaks about creating buzz around TNA’s product, Sting & more

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy appeared on Ring Rust Radio to promote Impact Wrestling on Destination America. Here are the highlights.

Your fall onto the steel steps at Lockdown garnered mainstream attention, which is always a priority for any company, but how important is that for you as the performer knowing you created such a buzz for the product?

It doesn’t even really matter to me. Matt is more the social media guy. He is the one that wants to get it everywhere. I’m kinda stand behind the evolution of it all. I don’t even tweet that much but I will tweet a picture after a match with my face paint and say thank you Orlando or wherever I am. That’s really all I do, I’m pretty much an anti-social when it comes to that. That stuff is more along Matt’s territory where he cares about all that stuff and I really don’t care about the impact it makes on others. I just care if it was a great match and if the story is good.

Sting is a guy who you worked with pretty extensively during his time in TNA… what were you able to learn or pick up from Sting when you worked together?

Sting was one of my first and biggest influences. One night in North Carolina when I reached out and touched his shoulder, he had the face paint on, and I didn’t know why but I loved it. I wanted to be just like him and I was only 11 years old… Every time I was in the ring with him it was just a blessing for me to be in there with a role model and a guy I looked up to so much.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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