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Jeff Hardy talks about TNA/Spike, being lucky to be alive, and more

Jeff Hardy was a recent guest on The LAW: Live Audio Wrestling. Here are some highlights.

On the TNA/Spike situation: "I don’t follow any of the timelines – Twitter or any of that. As far as I know negotiations are still ongoing. That’s all I know. As far as me – I just look at it like this - I’ll show up and do the best I can and have great matches. That’s my job. It’s not really my problem whether we stay on Spike or not. That’s somebody else’s problem."

Putting a top star under a mask as TNA did with Willow: "WWE would probably never do that because you know my face is my money maker. That’s what’s cool about it with me and being in TNA, a smaller planet in professional wrestling but they’re willing to take chances. As far as I’m concerned – I’m thankful they gave me that chance. Because – for me – I’m 36 years old now. Just to do that – to have these memories on video that will last forever. I can always say I brought Willow back and it wasn’t half bad."

Why 2012 was the best year of his career: "2012 was probably the best wrestling year of my life as far as I’m concerned because doing the the thing with the eyelids and watching those matches back. And being the Complete Enigma – I mean that was huge for me. 2012 was huge for me. And the person I am today – because of all this darkness and the bad stuff I’ve been through – I love myself so much more deeply than I did back in the day, before I was better. So 2012 was the defining year for me."

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Changes he has made since Victory Road: "When you do get clean and completely drug free it’s amazing how things change. I find it hard to forgive myself for the way I was you know back in the day with the abuse and the addiction – it kinda makes me sick. Looking back on it – if I would’ve never got hooked. You can’t dwell on that. I’m lucky I’m alive."

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