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Jeff Jarrett: Low Ki was his own worst enemy, Impact Wrestling moving to Monday nights "made no sense"

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

On the latest episode of "My World" on, Jeff Jarrett and Conrad discussed TNA Hard Justices 2006 where Jarrett took on Sting for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

They also talk about Dixie Carter's backstage involvement, Kevin Nash's contract status, Ron Killings, pay-per-view revenue, Jim Cornette, the return of Austin Aries, and more.

Here are some highlights:

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Jeff Jarrett said it was not his idea to put Impact Wrestling on Monday Nights opposite Monday Night RAW in 2010:

“I never, literally never wanted it. The progression of (Impact Wrestling TV up to that point), Saturday night off prime, Thursday night off prime, Thursday night one hour, I wanted that 2 hour. The next progression I wanted was another hour anywhere during the week. UFC was their (Spike) priority. Spike wanted to be, I would say (at that time), a male network. You could only have so much UFC. You could have different kinds of car programs and male dominated car programs. I certainly didn’t want to go Monday nights at all. It made no sense.”

Jeff Jarrett’s thoughts on why Low-Ki career didn't become bigger than it did:’

“Low-Ki, especially as we sit here today, and it just wasn’t just in TNA, and in different promotions, he was always his worst enemy. His athletic ability and his believability in the ring, he knew how to work incredibly well so he wouldn’t hurt you. There would always be something when you get him right to the point that you’re going to push him to the next level, I don’t want to say self-destruct, but I read that about him and I’m like, yea. A lot of times he was his own worst enemy climbing that ladder. For whatever reason, he’s a guy that I think will go down in history and it’s like, ‘What if?’, because his skill set was there and he could talk as well. His stoic delivery was a unique presentation that I thought had a lot of money in it, but he never did quite get over that hump.”

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