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Jeff Jarrett on why Dan Severn was not considered for first NWA-TNA show

During part 2 of the “Creating TNA” episode of “My World with Jeff Jarrett,” the rumor about Dan Severn being considered for the first show was addressed.

Jeff Jarrett addressed the rumors of Dan Severn being a part of the first NWA-TNA show:

“No.  Very clear, Dan Severn was not going to be a part of NWA-TNA.  Look, creative is subjective, and in my subjective, creative mind, I didn’t see any drawing power.  He’s a nice guy.  I love Dan from a personal standpoint, but I don’t think his promo skills, and I don’t think he’s Total Nonstop Action.

Kenny (Shamrock) had an aura about him.  He could go.  He learned the WWF style.  I’ve been in the ring with him.  On RAW, me and Kenny had a match where he was in a straight jacket.  A lot of people said, ‘What a hell of a mesh.’  I thought, try Kenny on for size.  He’s having to work a match in a straight jacket and he did it.  Kenny had a really good skillset and was very believable.  Going back to context is king, Kenny was anything but ti*s and a*s.

That’s the yin and the yang of the promotion that I wanted to come out of the gate. We are the alternative.  Yes, we may have girls dancing in cages, and yes, we may have Tio and Puppet and little guys and all that, some craziness and flying Elvises, but we’re also going to have a champion they expect in 1905, and his name is the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Man’, Ken Shamrock.  To wrap it back up, no, Dan Severn was never going to be part of episode 1, or in my mind, the promotion.”

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