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Jeff Jarrett reveals how bringing his real life issues with Kurt Angle made it onto Impact television

On this week’s edition of “My World” with Jeff Jarrett, Jarrett covered TNA Against All Odds 2011, Dixie Carter’s financial issues, and his thoughts on Vince Russo.

Jeff Jarrett said that Dixie Carter was starting to feel a financial pinch in TNA. Ratings were between 1.3 and 1.7 million viewers a week on Spike TV and wanted something to increase ratings.

Here is Jeff explaining that he and Kurt Angle had no real life heat during this time frame, as well as Dixie Carter despising Karen Angle:

“Vince Russo called me. To defend Russo here a little bit here, or a lot, he knew the reality,” Jarrett said. “He knew as well as anybody that there was no animosity between me, Kurt and Karen. He knew we were raising Kurt and Karen’s kids in my house. Kurt had visited the house on Halloween one year. There was no real life drama.”

“Russo said, ‘I have an idea’ (which was for Kurt and Jeff to feud on TV). I said, ‘Sure Vince, and what did Dixie (Carter) have to say about it? He said, ‘She’s on board.’”

“I said, ‘Okay, what about Hulk?’ He said, ‘He doesn’t care.’ I said, ‘So what’s the real story?’ He said, ‘Bro, ratings.’ I said, ‘Oh, so you’re circling back to this?’ He said, ‘Yes, we are.’ I said, ‘Well, I think the most important decision maker is Kurt. Where does Kurt stand?’”

“He said, ‘I’ve had the conversation and he’s up for it.’ I said, ‘Okay, well, you probably need to do your job.’ Karen is going to get paid and work out her own deal, her contract, and all that, so we had to work out the payments and all that kind of stuff.”

“The thing that shined a light on it. It’s no secret, and I was oblivious to how deep it was, but Dixie despised Karen. For her to bring Karen on as a character on the show, I thought, ‘This is really interesting.’

“I know that now (that Dixie despised Karen), but I didn’t know that then. When I got that phone call from Russo, I’m like, okay, you’re calling me, but at the end of the day, I’m a talent and what am I going to say, no? If my kids aren’t involved, then yeah, let’s go do a job, but you have a lot of other decision makers in this. We can make it work.”

“I’ve seen in my entire career a lot of uncomfortable situations. People would come to me and tell me different things, and in my delusional optimism, I would be like, ‘Oh no. Dixie didn’t say that.’ What I know now, I had no idea back then, so I’m looking at it 10 years removed from this, but she didn’t like her from day one.”

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