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Jeff Jarrett talks how Kevin Nash's real life friendships led to him working with TNA's X-Division

WWE/Impact Wrestling

WWE/Impact Wrestling

During this week's "My World with Jeff Jarrett," Jarrett talked about Kevin Nash working with the X-Division in 2007, and his frustrations to those that criticized the division.

Jeff Jarrett talking about Kevin Nash working with the X-Division stars in 2007:

“The number one complaint that I heard (from creative) over and over again was, ‘The X-Division guys don’t have any personalities and they can’t tell a story,'" he said. "I would want to scream and say, ‘No, you just don’t understand the story. Their matches have stories. You just don’t like it. You want a WWE style main event, or a tag main event, or a southern wrestling main event, or you want Japan, or you want Mexico. The X-Division is its style in and of itself, but it’s new, and that’s what you don’t like.’"

"Okay, let’s give these guys some character. On their own, it was a little difficult. In real life, Kevin was buddies with Sonjay, Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley and all these guys. That’s kind of the whole genesis of, 'Okay, Kevin, let’s get in there and you guys have some fun. Let’s take your real life relationship and let’s blow it up.'"

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"Kevin is a funny guy, so let’s make some of the stuff light-hearted because their car crash matches aren’t so light-hearted. There was no comedy in X-Division matches.”

Jarrett said he got frustrated hearing creative that the X-Division stars don’t know how to work:

“I would get so aggravated at certain folks from time to time that would hyper-criticize X-Division guys basically saying, ‘They don’t know how to work. They don’t know how to tell stories.’"

"I’m like, ‘Yep, because they’re not heavyweights. They’re going to work in a different style. We’re trying to give them character and vignettes and all of that, but don’t tell them how to work their matches.'"

"So I would go to the X-Division guys and say, ‘Do your stuff. Do what you do, but I’m going to beg you when you get down to the last two or three minutes, tell your finish slow and make every false finish count. But in your highspots and action, do the style that you developed that makes you different from tag, women, and heavyweights.' I encouraged the guys to do their stuff.”

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