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Jesse Sorensen talks about TNA refusing to pay his medical bills

Thanks to WrestlingFan23 for sending the link to the interview with Jesse Sorensen

I thought this was interesting because of a story Soresen tells: After TNA refused to pay his medical bills, he told Bruce Prichard that, while he really didn’t want to, he was prepared to take legal action and had even met with lawyers.

Three days later, Dixie, Bruce and Dean Broadbend called him in for an emergency meeting and offered him the production job and told him he could learn new skills and be a major part of TNA going forward. By the point he got fired a couple of months later the time with which he could sue TNA in Tennessee court had run out.

Sorensen also mentions that his friends in WWE were disgusted when they heard that TNA wouldn’t pay his bills, since it is never an issue when they get injured in ring because Vince pays for everything. It’s a really interesting look at the difference between the two companies.

You can listen to the interview by visiting

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