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Jim Cornette is done with Impact Wrestling

On Sunday, we wrote about Jim Cornette’s issues with getting into Canada and why that would mean that he would likely not be at Bound For Glory and the Impact Wrestling TV tapings in November. There were also questions about Cornette’s status after Jeff Jarrett left due to personal issues. Well, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has confirmed that Cornette is indeed finished with the company.

Back in 2010 when he was working for Ring Of Honor, he was stopped at the border and the authorities pulled up his history and found incidents from the 1980’s when he was a heel manager. The incidents were mostly related to fights with fans, as was commonplace with top heel acts during that era. Cornette never went back to Canada after 2010.

So, after word got out that they were moving Bound For Glory and Impact tapings to Canada, many people were wondering what this meant for Cornette going forward. He is done with the company and said that it’s just due to the circumstances and there is no heat. The funny thing about all of this is that Cornette was told anything by anyone except Bob Ryder who, according to the Wrestling Observer website, told him not to believe what he read on the internet. Yes, he really said that. It’s a shame that Cornette is already done because he was great in his role at the last set of TV tapings.

Anyway, Cornette agreed to drive up to Nashville to shoot stuff there so that they could explain his exit from the company but there is nothing on the table to do that. His departure will be discussed in more detail on Thursday on The Jim Cornette Experience podcast.

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