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Jim Cornette shoots on Sexy Star, "what's her f*cking major malfunction?"

Lucha Underground/ ROH/ GFW

Lucha Underground/ ROH/ GFW

Everyone is talking about Sexy Star and Rosemary because it's kind of a big deal. To be honest this kind of thing is bound to happen eventually because the pro wrestling business will always have a few bad eggs in there. But now that Sexy Star has evidently shown her true colors it looks like she's going to be eventually weeded out unless something drastic changes soon.

She means bad press, a liability to any promoter, and she doesn't deserve to be trusted with another person's body in a professional wrestling match. Jim Cornette agrees with that sentiment and went into the topic in masterful detail in a way only a wordsmith like him can on The Jim Cornette Experience.

"Sexy Star, what's her f-cking major malfunction? Do we know yet just why she went nuts and dislocated -- and I met Rosemary at the Global Force Wrestling tapings and she seemed to be a very nice girl so obviously I'm not trying to figure out which one we need to blame I'm trying to figure out why this girl went nuts."

"I liked Cody Rhodes tweeted 'this girl will never share any locker room of mine' which I found was very -- more people oughta do that. Because that's what we've been talking about lately when the boys used to when some idiot did something stupid whether it be an invisible hand grenade and expose the buisness or hurt somebody the boys would take matters into their own hands and say 'no, you ain't welcomed around here.' So I'm in favor of that."

"Apparently she was shooting with one of the other girls when did the girls -- what were they trained by f-cking Robinson and Gotch?! What the f-ck? She was shooting, fighting, however girls shoot and fight with another one of the girls, it was a six-girl tag team match I guess. Then she gets poor Rosemary who wasn't doing anything to anybody and yanks her arm out and dislocates her arm. And then they made her apologize to Rosemary in the locker room from what was reported but then they made her leave the building because the girl she was shooting with earlier was looking to continue things which that would have been interesting to get a camera on."

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"But what the f-ck? What's the matter with this b-tch? Apparently, she's some big hood-de-doo and she's hot sh-t down there and has some enemies over her attitude or whatever and everybody's asking me to comment on it so she should be boiled in oil and the fat sold for soap. There's probably no fat on her she looks like she's as big around as a f-cking hiccup. Rosemary probably could have kicked her f-cking ass had she known she was fixing to be in a legitimate confrontation."

"Yes they should fire this girl but I don't know what else to say. Did she have a f-cking bad acid trip? Why would you just start doing this sh-t?"

Cornette said it looked like Sexy Star took out her frustrations out on Rosemary from a shoot fight she was losing with another competetor in the match. It looks like if Jim Cornette has anything to say about it Sexy Star won't be appearing in GFW anytime soon. Even though a grudge match between Rosemary and Sexy Star would get a lot of people watching. It would be hard to trust Sexy Star would do business appropriately.

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