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Jim Ross posts latest blog on ROH vs. TNA, recent TNA angle and more

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry over at his website where he gives his thoughts on the term, “Wednesday Night Wars,” Ring of Honor’s production values and the latest TNA storyline angle between James Storm and Mickie James.

On the term, “Wednesday Night Wars”:

“Not wild about the term Wednesday Night Wars’ as it relates to all the pro wrestling that now airs on free TV on Wednesday nights. ‘War’ indicates that someone will lose or be eliminated which any wrestling fan with above average intelligence should not want to happen to any promotion.”

On ROH’s production values:

“Got some Tweets about ROH’s production values that new viewers had heard me mention on the Ross Report. I’ve been told by ROH management that those upgrades are coming and to be patient. That’s good news. I still think that the hard working ROH talents would better serve themselves inside the ring if they slowed down a gear to have somewhere to go but no one can ever question the work ethic of ROH talent. ROH should do what they can to edit outdated live event references as it make the viewers think that they are watching an ‘old’ show.”

On TNA’s Angle With Mickie James And James Storm:

“I’m a big fan of both Mickie James, who was on our talent roster when I was in WWE, and James Storm whose work I’ve always enjoyed a great deal but the creative that they were provided Wednesday night regarding the train was undesirable and completely unrealistic and had me feeling embarrassed for two, very good talents. I do like the direction of Storm becoming a deranged character with scary tenacities but the train business did that few favors.”


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