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Jimmy Jacobs on making the transition to work behind the scenes, Festival of Friendship, Chris Jericho

Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor

Jimmy Jacobs recently made an appearance on The DropKick Podcast to talk about a wide range of topics. The following was issued to us:

Danial: You work for Impact now i believe, You do a lot of things behind the scenes. What is it like behind the scenes instead of actually being the ring? (10:27) 

Jimmy Jacobs: “Yeah well that was a transition i made about a little over 5 years ago when I started working for WWE and in their creative you know, on their writing team, but you know it was a transition to make certainly. There are certain things you give up you know and one of them being you know it's like when you're a performer the buck stops with you. No matter what anybody wants no matter what they say, no matter what’s talked about the buck stops with you and as a writer the buck doesn’t stop with you. You have this vision trusting somebody else to carry it out. Now sometimes that doesn’t workout as the end end picture isn’t how you imagined it. Sometimes you know when you get with the great performers. This is when you have a great relationship and you’re with a great performer and you have that co-collaboration is that you bring one thing to them and then they bring something else out of it and that’s what it was like you know working with all the stuff I did with Chris Jericho and Kevin owens in WWE. It’s like one thing into it and they brought ideas too but then whatever the original thing was to life in this magnificent thing. When you have performers like that and we do have performers like that in Impact wrestling you know somebody like Rosemary I can give the skeleton of something but I know that they’re going to embody it and bring their souls into to bring forth something that’s magic.

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Vikram: Speaking of the festival friendship as you said we all know that you were a writer for the wwe and you made a lot of magic that we witnessed in the years 2016 and 2017 like the festival of friendship. I heard you came up with the list of jericho or you at least helped come up with it. What was the thought process upon some of these grand ideas and what are some other ideas that happened or didn't happen that we possibly don't know? (12:49) 

Jimmy Jacobs: “ Right, I came up with The List Of Jericho. We’ll just use that as an example of something you know, I think we were in Memphis and Chris is supposed to come out and air his grievances about Mick Foley or something. I said well he should have a list if he does this and then I thought Steve Corino in real life has this “Carino Sh*t List”. When Chris Jericho had his own list people that crossed him but he was pity that it just takes one little thing like they make his list and so I came to Chris with this idea and you know Chris brought it to life.Chris knew I always crumpled up pieces of paper he would have he would have in his tight team like you know what you just made the list! they know this needs to be visual it's like yes right came up with the you know the click of the pen you know what happens huh you know what happens when you make one of my best friend Kevin Owens you know what happens. An example of something that you know you conceive one way then somebody else you know collaborates with it and then the performer goes and they bring it to life in communion with the audience and the feeling what the audience wants and all of a sudden a click of the pen becomes the loudest reaction to Monday Night Raw. You know that’s how they used to close the live events towards 2017, To some of them Chris was a babyface. He would go you know what happens phoenix you know what happens when you cheer for Chris Jericho you know what happens you’ve been a great audience all night Phoenix Arizona you just made the list. You send them home with the biggest spot. You know there’s so many ideas that don’t make it to air, it’s hard to even think of one because it’s just that’s just the game you play there.”