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Josh Alexander compares beating Christian and Moose for the IMPACT Championship

On this week's "Battleground Podcast," Josh Alexander, who will be defending the Impact Championship against Eric Young at Slammiversary on June 19th, stopped by to discuss and compare beating Christian and beating Moose for that title,

"It's not a disservice to Christian at all. It was an honor to be in the ring with him in the main event at Bound for Glory, something I never thought was possible. To be able to wrestle him while he's still a great professional wrestler, that's something I would have never imagined,” Alexander said.

“But the Rebellion match, that was where all the pressure was on me to deliver because I knew that this whole build, that whole 6-7 months, that was all building to that culmination point of me and Moose in the ring finally for the first time. There was a lot of pressure on us to go out there and tell a story. I think we went out and we exceeded both mine and his expectations. I'll never forget that."

"In an age where I think people's attention spans are so small, I think a lot of the wrestling companies kind of shotgun things and do things really fast, whereas Impact has really slowed it down and patience is key. That storyline is a perfect indicator of that. It was seven months of build up and down. I had to climb my way back to the championship and all that stuff, and the payoff was that much sweeter because of it."

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