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Josh Alexander talks about why he signed with Impact Wrestling instead of AEW

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Josh Alexander, ahead of his match with Moose for the Impact Title on April 23rd, spoke with the "Battleground Podcast" to talk about returning to Impact Wrestling and AEW not being interested in him prior to working with Impact.

Josh Alexander talking about coming back to Impact Wrestling:

"It was an easy decision for me. Right now I think the one thing that's changed in the pro wrestling landscape, especially for like free agents and professional wrestlers, is regardless of whatever you have to offer, you have to be in the top 10% to have a job now in one of those sustainable positions at any of these companies, Impact included," Alexander said.

"Because as you've seen with AEW signing up everybody that they can and all this other stuff, it's just like, the waters are kind of picked dry a little bit, and whoever's left is kind of fighting for whatever's left."

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"The thing that made my decision so much easier is I never planned on leaving.”

On AEW not being interested in him before he worked in Impact:

"Impact gave me an opportunity when no other company would. I was in contact with the people at AEW before Impact ever considered signing me and they had told me that they were not interested in me as a singles wrestler. Impact then came along and signed me, and before The North ever came to be, they were preparing to push me as a singles talent when I debuted."

"I did vignettes and I did video stuff that was never aired as me being a singles person, and then when I showed up on my first day of work, they said, 'We're going to put you in a tag team with Ethan Page.'"

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