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Josh Mathews explains previously calling himself the best commentator ever

Impact Wrestling announcer Josh Mathews has discussed the reasoning behind his statement back in 2017 that made fans talking online. It also generated headlines and caused some backlash once it made the rounds.

During this time, Mathews referred to himself as the best commentator of all-time by using the power of social media to voice his belief. With all of the greats before him, it caused a negative reaction.

Mathews recently made an appearance on an episode of ‘Notsam Wrestling’ with host Sam Roberts where he talked about various topics including this. It all came down to the fact that he was voicing his displeasure about departing from the WWE after working for the company for over a decade.

“Well I think [it] was a combination of so many different things right? Like emotionally, you know if we’re being honest at this point — I think I can be honest at this point, I was upset that I didn’t have my home any longer after being there for over a decade and didn’t really know how to go through those emotions so my initial reaction was, ‘Well I’m the best’, and what a huge mistake and all that, and then it became a storyline right? And we went through the match and Slammiversary and now I think looking back it’s probably not the way I would’ve handled it now, but I feel like I had to go through all of that.” Matthews reflected.

“I’m in such a different place than when I first started in Impact and my relationship with WWE ended, I’m so happy with where I am in life right now that you know, looking back, okay, I probably shouldn’t have said I was the greatest wrestling announcer of all-time.” Matthews laughed. “I probably shouldn’t have been so defiant about the way I felt about that. I don’t think embarrassed is the right word, but I think I would’ve handled it much differently had I known, ‘Hey man, in a few years you’re going to meet the love of your life and you’re going to have a great family and you’re going to have all these things that you didn’t even know existed before’, and have my life changed so much.”

H/T to Fightful for the transcript

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