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Josh Mathews gets into another Twitter fight…this time with former WCW/TNA announcer David Penzer

We thought that the Twitter arguments involving with Josh Mathews were done but, several hours after his Twitter fight with Jeremy Borash, he got into it with former WCW/TNA ring announcer David Penzer. The argument with Borash started after Mathews’ comments on a YouTube video where he said that he is the best wrestling announcer in the business and that no one could touch him. The tweets between Borash and Mathews can be seen by clicking here.

Penzer took exception to the comment from Josh that referenced previous ring announcers that worked for TNA. The specific comment was in response to a fan that pointed out that Jeremy Borash had worked with TNA since the beginning. Mathews said, “Yeah, a Ring Announcer. Anyone can do that. Have you seen the people that used to work here?!?”

Check out the twitter exchange below:

Penzer: “You have something you want to say to me lol?”

Mathews: “Hey Dave, hardly recognized you… maybe ease up on the “Just For Men”

Penzer: “Ha! You’re funny! Did u take that from Lawler’s joke book or think of it yourself…”

Penzer: “I heard “anyone” can ring announce? If u said that u owe @howardfinkel an apology!”

Mathews: “Dave, leave me alone. I’m trying to watch #GRAMMYs

Hi, fink! (Miss ya! & hope your softball team is ready for this year! @howardfinkel)”

Penzer: “Enjoy your Grammy’s. And maybe watch your back, I see a lot of ppl coming “home”. Wonder when Tenay will be in Nashville?”

Mathews: “We shall see… one thing is certain tho, your phone won’t be ringing. You’re welcome for acknowledging you. ? #Blocked”

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