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Karen Jarrett could also be gone from Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

As noted a few days ago, Jeff Jarrett is seeking help in a rehabilitation center believed to be sponsored by WWE. Jarrett is done with Impact Wrestling but, according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the decision to part ways with Jarrett was made before the incident in Canada last weekend.

The story about Jarrett being held up at customs at the airport in Canada was apparently what he told the promoter. However, the promoter said that he called and that customs had no idea what he was talking about so it appeared that Jarrett flew himself home and no-showed his second booking on his own and not because he was forced to leave.

The Observer story noted that Jarrett was backstage at the first show on Friday and was drinking a few bottles of vodka before passing out backstage.

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Nothing has been said publicly about Karen Jarrett but she is not being brought in for Bound For Glory or the next set of TV tapings in Ottawa so she may be gone as well. So, within a few weeks, that means that Jim Cornette, Jeff, Karen, and Bruce Prichard have all departed. The idea for Prichard was for him to be off TV and then return as a heel manager.

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