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Kazarian on the issues surrounding TNA, ROH possibly airing on the WWE Network, more

ROH Wrestling

ROH Wrestling

ROH star Kazarian recently spoke with Chuck Carroll of CBS Local Sports about his career and more. During the interview, he was asked about the rumor of WWE being interested in streaming Ring of Honor on the WWE Network. Kazarian said that he found that rumor interesting because he doesn’t know what the motivation WWE has with a type of deal like that. “World domination in wrestling? It seems like that’s what they always want,” Kazarian said. He added that ROH is doing quite well right now and is popular with a loyal fan base. “I think the mindset right now is that Ring of Honor is doing fine and growing at a rate everyone is happy with,” Kazarian said.

Kazarian worked for TNA for several years but left the company a few years ago. When asked about the current state of TNA, Kazarian explained that everything he knows about the issues surrounding TNA is what he is told by people or what he reads online. He said that it seems like TNA is going through struggle after struggle. It seems like it’s one of those “when it rains it pours” situations over there, and now it turned into an ugly legal battle,” Kazarian said. He asked about what the roster must be thinking about the situation. When he was in TNA, management would tell the roster that everything is okay and they’re assured things are going to be alright. He added that when he was there they would hear rumblings internally and they were paranoid. “All I can say is that I really do hope they can come out the other side of this. If it takes a management shakeup and a creative shakeup to right the ship and get things back on track, then so be it,” Kazarian said.

He thinks that there are some very talented people in the TNA locker room and behind the camera that deserve to be on a pro wrestling TV show. He added that he has talked to some of the guys in the TNA front office and they seem optimistic. “It’s just unfortunate. It seems that’s TNA’s lot in life,” Kazarian said. Kazarian added that since day one in TNA there has been a mindset of when is the doors going to close in TNA and that the company can’t survive. He hopes that TNA can finally get their stuff together internally. “Wrestling has taken a backseat to the garbage going on behind the scenes, and that’s unfortunate, Kazarian said.

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