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Ken Shamrock on his career, dream opponent, other wrestlers using the ankle lock

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Ken Shamrock made an appearance on The Angle Podcast to talk about being inducted into Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame, leaving MMA with heat, his life outside pro sports, wanting a match with Goldberg, and so much more. The following was sent to us:

We discussed some of the main things he considers his biggest accomplishments in life and in his career:

“Something I was really excited to do and that will never change and getting the credit for it because there were a lot of sacrifices I had to make to be able to be in the position and to achieve those goals, I lost my first family. I was busy training and trying to get to where I wanted to be.”

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His thoughts on other Superstars like Kurt Angle and Jake Hagger using the ankle lock finish:

“ All of those guys have great minds. They know how to set that up and put it on at the right time to make the crowd pop. It’s not easy to do, it’s a shoot move, so it’s not something that’s easy to do. If these guys want to do it and learn it they have to just do it and do it live. Hats off to them. People always ask if I’m upset that they’re using my move. How do you get upset about that? Somebody always does it first. All that is, is basically a compliment saying, like being in the hall of fame, will be remembered forever.”

On a match he’d like to have, a dream match, before he hangs it up:

“ In wrestling that’s a real easy one for me, it’s Goldberg. I felt that his character meshed well with who I am and he worked pretty stiff. Unfortunately he was in the other in the other company, but I have confidence that one day we can get that one done. I think his style with mine would be a really good match.”