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Kenny King on the Beatdown Klan, the X-Division and more

TNA star Kenny King spoke with Channel Guide Magazine to discuss his role in the Beatdown Klan as well as  being a contender in the X-Division. Here are the highlights.

Explain to fans that who do not know what the Beatdown Klan is:

“All of us are legitimate friends. We travel together, drink together and text message each other. That’s one of the things that don’t make us your typical wrestling group. We aren’t just a group of guys who are thrown together left to find some type of organic chemistry. The origins of this team are built on existing friendships and relationships.”

What do you think of the X-Division and being a part of the division?

“It’s an absolute honor to be part of it. If you look at the origins of TNA and where TNA came from and how it made its name, it’s made on the X Division. If you look at the old logo, it was built on the X. That is a testament to how important the X Division is in TNA. Then to be able to work with in a division where guys like Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles, Low Ki, Frankie Kazarian and Joe, it’s an honor. I’m a historian and student of the game, so that means a whole lot to me. Then you have all these new guys who came in. A guy I’m really looking forward to working with in the X Division is Eddie Edwards. He is a phenomenal singles wrestler. When we lock up, it’s something to watch. So it’s really exciting right now with the kind of matchups we have.”

You can check out the entire interview here.

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