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Killer Kross on his current situation with Impact Wrestling

Frank Sarne of The Lariat Pro Wrestling conducted an interview with Killer Kross in Atlantic City. The following was sent to us: 

On top of these quotes and the interview I was told directly that another factor in all of this between Kross/Impact situation is unpaid merchandise money & that Kross isn’t the only one they haven’t paid in that regard. 

In addition to that, it was Impact’s call directly after partnering with them(AAA) for the show on the 15th in New York who decided to make the call To AAA to remove him from the show at MSG 

“You know, I would love to forecast my future. And believe me, I’m not getting tired of talking about it because I’m living this every single day,” Kross said.”Wherever, I land, I land. But I know that it will be a place that people want to see me.”

“We’ll never stop talking about it until it fucking goes away because the situation is ridiculous. And I’m being as civil and as cool about it as totally possible. And you know, there’s a line that I have to walk, disparagement and so forth,” Kross told Frank Sarne. “The situation is fucking bullshit and everyone who is in on it knows this, too. And this whole entire thing is going to eventually come to light.”

Moving forward, Killer Kross spoke very positively about the future of his career when speaking to The Lariat Pro Wrestling.

“So in the meantime, I’m staying hungry. I’m staying motivated and I’m going to go after the match that people want to see me because that’s why I got into this business,” said the Canadian star. “I just want people to know that this is barely a bump in the road for me and I’m gonna run this fucking over like no one has any idea.”

“I’m remaining optimistic in the face of adversity. What I’m going through right now is going to be an example for people that are dealing with adversity and bullshit situations.

I’m going to show you guys how to navigate this you staying the fucking course. Move forward to getting the short end of the stick. Stick around with me. I’ll stick around you and we’ll get through it together because this is life and it’s not going to fucking slow me down.”


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