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King Mo comments on CM Punk joining the UFC, his nickname and more

Former TNA star and current Bellator MMA Fighter "King Mo" "Muhammed Lawal appeared on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast recently to talk about how he got the nickname “King Mo,” CM Punk joining the UFC and more. Here are the highlights.

The Origin of the Name “King Mo”:

That came from one of my boys because they said I was always king of the crowd. I love that because I am the king of the crowd. They always loved me or hated me. "King Mo" is something that anyone can be. There are kings of all races and cultures so I figured that "King Mo" sounds good. But I am a fan of all the kings of wrestling, "King" Booker and "King" Harley Race. I always loved them and of course Jerry "The King" Lawler is a beast too.

Other Pro Wrestlers competing outside of the wrestling business.

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It's the way you process things. I think (CM) Punk will do good. It all depends on what you learn and what you see. He will probably get someone he can probably beat, he isn’t stupid. They will give him someone who is known but not good. Not for his first fight, I just see them giving him someone that he can beat. If you think about business, CM Punk's first fight will do one million buys. So why risk it with having him get beat for his first fight. Try to get him a few wins and then see what he can do later. He is serious about it. Let him fight a grappler first, let him fight a striker, let him fight a wrestler. Let him grow and then give him a test. (Brock) came at the right time and then he left at the right time, he made his money. He is smart. You know how wrestlers like to work and trick and prank. Wrestlers are kind of shady anyway, not to bash them but you can't believe what anybody says. Like when they said Kurt Angle was going to try and make a wrestling comeback. I think he thought about it until he showed up for practice and once he got there realized he wasn't that committed.