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King of the Mountain match returning at TNA’s Slammiversary PPV event

TNA announced on Tuesday afternoon that for the first time in six years, the King of the Mountain Match returns to Slammiversary on June 28th, live on Pay Per View at 8pm ET.

Here is the King of the Mountain Rules:

  • The match consists of 5 competitors who begin ineligible to win. In order to become eligible one must score a submission or pinfall where falls count anywhere.
  • Once eligible the competitor must retrieve the belt from the official while the person who was pinned or submitted must spend 2 minutes in the “penalty box” cage.
  • Multiple competitors can be locked in the penalty box resulting in alliances or the fight continuing.
  • Once the belt is in play any other wrestler who is eligible may steal the belt, if at any point the belt is dropped it goes back to the official.
  • An eligible competitor hangs the belt on a hook suspended 15 feet above the ring via a ladder to win the match.

TNA President Dixie Carter revealed the news on Twitter:

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