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Kurt Angle on Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard’s criticism of James Storm, why a WWE run didn’t work out for Storm

On his latest podcast at, Kurt Angle talked about Final Resolution 2011 where he wrestled James Storm.

Angle explained the setup of him coming from underneath the ring to attack Storm at the 11/17/11 Impact TV Taping:

“Here’s the magic.  They tape the shows, so you can tape out of order.  So if your segment is on last, and you have to sit under the ring the whole show and then do the segment, that wouldn’t be right.  That would be abuse.  But if you tape it out of order, and you tape the last segment first, you can get under the ring and you’re only under there for 10 minutes.  There’s a monitor underneath the ring to let you know everything that’s going on above the ring so you can get your cue to come out.”

Kurt Angle said he was real life friends with James Storm:

“James and I traveled together for five years and we were very close.  He spent time with my family and I spent time with his family, so we had a very close relationship at this particular time.”

Kurt was asked. “We’ve heard various opinions from both Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff on James Storm’s charisma and consistency of performances.  What is your opinion of James Storm’s as an in ring performer?”

“I thought James was awesome.  I thought his in-ring skills were great.  His promo skills were off the chart.  He had a great character.  He had a great look.  He had all the facets to be a very successful pro wrestler.  I don’t know if this is what Bruce and Eric were talking about, but the one thing I thought that James might have, and it’s very minute, it’s very small, and I’m not sure if that’s what Eric and Bruce were talking about, but James tended to be a little lazy every once in a while.  That was his only downfall.  It wasn’t even that much of a problem.  It was just every once and a while he would get just a little bit lazy.  I’m not sure if that’s what Eric and Bruce were talking about, but as far as his performance and his consistency, he was damn good.  He was really good.”

Kurt was asked what he thought Storm could have done differently that would have elevated him as he never had a big WWE run:

“I just think that WWE looked him over.  I know that they gave him an opportunity to go to NXT and he didn’t take the offer and they never offered again. I do believe he would have been a big star in WWE.”

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