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Kurt Angle reveals plans for his new career

As we've noted before, Kurt Angle's future in wrestling is up in the air since he announced that he does not plan on signing a new contract with TNA once his current deal expires in a few months. I believe Angle's deal is up in January.

Kurt Angle has a new blog up on his website where he talks about his goals in life and how he was able to achieve them. He noted that he also has another passion in life, to be a teacher. He revealed that he has a college degree in education so he wants to use his college educaiton to help others and teach others.

Angle said, "My 'long shot' dream was to be an Olympic Champion. Winning gold was my lifelong dream. I also had another passion, to be a teacher…to teach our youth. I have a college degree in education. I accomplished my ultimate dream, winning gold in the 1996 Olympics, but now that I’ve accomplished it, I want to use my college education to help others and to teach others."

We wish Kurt Angle nothing but the best if he does indeed choose teaching as his new career path. It should be noted that Angle has said publicly that he does plan on taking time off from the wrestling business but he does not plan on ending his wrestling career this year.

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