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LISTEN: Things get heated between Sami Callihan and Bully Ray on Busted Open Radio

Sami Callihan Bully Ray

There was a verbal altercation between Impact Wrestling's Sami Callihan and Bully Ray on Monday when Callihan was interviewed for Busted Open Radio. Callihan said that WWE and ROH ate him up and spit him out and he is tired of being disrespected. Things escalated when the talk turned to Ring Of Honor. Bully took offense to Callihan calling the show a podcast instead of a national radio (Busted Open Radio airs nationally on SiriusXM).

On Twitter, Callihan said that the Busted Open Radio staff was upset by what he said. Bully responded by saying that he is offended that fans waste money on him and "there’s a reason ROH and WWE threw you away like the POS jobber you are." Bully also invited him to jump the rail at an ROH show.

All of this feels like something Brian Pillman would do and I think Callihan is doing a good job and it seems to be generating some buzz. Listen to Bully Ray and Callihan below and be sure to scroll down to see their comments to each other on social media.

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Things really start to get heated at 11:30...