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Magnus comments on the TNA locker room leaving TNA and more

Former TNA star Nick “Magnus” Aldis recently appeared as a guest on the Jobbing Out podcast to talk about leaving TNA, the TNA talents in the locker and his feud with James Storm. Here are the highlights.

On leaving TNA:

“When I gave my notice, by the time we got off the phone, I felt like 100 lb weight has been lifted off my back.”

On the locker room:

“To be honest, it’s been very turbulent.There were certain things I heard in the conference call, where the talent said things like I’m disgusted by this, or we have the right to know…the thing you have to remember is nobody owes you a living. You don’t have a right to be guaranteed anything.”

On his feud with James Storm:

“At the beginning, we had a great in-ring segment.We put in loads of great little subtle nuances, and I thought this would be really good…Suddenly we get the word that this is what they want to do with this train thing. I think some of it unfortunately tied into that they knew I wasn’t going to stay. That was an issue. Nonetheless, when the train thing came about…I’m trying to be as positive as I can. This was one situation that when it was described, I couldn’t find a single person that liked it. I couldn’t find a single person, apart from the guy whose idea it was, that didn’t say “what the hell is that?”

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