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Magnus references Mickie James on TNA Unlocked show, preview for Friday's Impact

On the new Unlocked show that airs on Saturday morning, Mike Tenay interviewed Magnus. There were a lot of inside references and he talked about how having his first son (with Micke James) changed his life. He said he isn't worried about being fired (Feast or Fired is this Friday) because the free agent market is good. He's right about that. He said he helped bring Bram to TNA. They also showed factoids throughout the show during the matches that would pop up on the screen. Destination America is putting everything into TNA. They will air Unlocked again on Friday at 7pm and they are showing tons of commercials for TNA during their regular programming.

Here is a preview of this coming Friday's Impact Wrestling on Destination America. They are doing a Feast or Fired show and there will be a brawl between Bobby Lashley and MVP on the streets of New York City.

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