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Major change for Impact Wrestling on Destination America

TNA will be changing their philosophy with their TV show when it premieres on Destination America tomorrow. The plan is to have cameras everywhere including showing wrestlers arriving to the show and out of character.

The move comes from Dixie Carter because she is a fan of reality television and since Destination America airs a lot of reality TV she feels that kind of product will fit in with the network. Dixie has noted that some of the changes will not be seen right away but will be incorporated into the shows in the next few weeks.

Dixie had meetings yesterday with John Gaburick at TNA headquarters about tomorrow night's show. They have redesigned the website and have redone all of their TV graphics and music for the show.

There is no update on Alberto El Patron. As first reported last week in the Wrestling Observer newsletter, the company was trying to get Alberto for tomorrow night's show. They are also hyping a major announcement from Kurt Angle.

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