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Maria Kanellis comments on being fired by Donald Trump for “locker room talk”

Entertainment Tonight reached out to TNA’s Maria Kanellis after the video of her being fired hy Donald Trump in 2010 circulated around the internet. The clip is from her stint on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice and has drawn some media attention because she was fired from the show for using “locker room talk.” If you missed it, check out the clip by clicking here.

Kanellis told ET, “He fired me for what I said, and what he said was much worse so.” She added, “My hope is that he gets fired as the Republican nominee.”

Kanellis said that she didn’t make the connection between her firing and Trump’s remarks until the story got out on Monday. Kanellis said, “I don’t think that is locker room talk. I have been in locker rooms for the past 12 years in wrestling companies.” She also told ET that she hopes that Trump gets fired as the Republican nominee for President.

She added that she remembers one time when she felt objectified by Trump saying that she had a mole on her shoulder and he said that she should have it removed because it’s an imperfection. She said that it wasn’t something that bothered her at the time but as a presidential nominee, it bothers her.

Click here for the full interview.


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