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Matt Hardy discusses possible WWE return, TNA and more

Reby Hardy

Reby Hardy

Matt Hardy appeared on episode 146 of The Ross Report to talk about various topics. During the interview, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross asked him about his goals in TNA. Hardy stated that his goal is to help out TNA as much as he can to survive and thrive following a tough 2016. Hardy noted that TNA has a new owner (Anthem Sports & Entertainment) and they are coming in and changing things. He believes that Anthem will make TNA grow. He wants to give back to pro wrestling because it has been good to him and allowed him to have a long career. “Then, after this, I must go on to do other things. Maybe I have to go on and save Vince McMahon's show. Maybe I have to save the entire wrestling industry.” He added that he might save the world and thinks the US is broken now with Donald Trump about to become President.

Ross asked about the current state of TNA, Hardy noted that Anthem Sports & Entertainment had bought the tape library and majority shareholder stake in the company. He said that they have very big plans and they want to take TNA to its fullest potential. He noted that TNA has a great roster, but they have been pulled down by the previous management that has not got TNA back on track. “Over the last couple of years they have been so unstable in such a volatile situation because the current management has just not been able to get things back on track and budget the money the way they need to do it.” He believes that his broken brilliance built up some momentum and now the company can see the light at the end of the tunnel. He thinks that Anthem will change things and that it's going to be run in a very different way and be productive next year.

When asked about if The Hardy Boyz are open to another WWE run, Hardy stated that McMahon would like him to be on the WWE roster because of his gimmick that in his words, is the hottest act in pro wrestling. Hardy stated that he would be open to returning to WWE and possibly teaming with Jeff Hardy if contract negotiations do not go well with TNA. Hardy noted that he wants a pay increase and equity in TNA because he wants to steer the ship that he thinks that he has driven as of late.

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It’s a very good interview and you can listen to it here: