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Matt Hardy making $1,500 per indie show; news on what TNA is paying him

Matt Hardy was a guest on Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer radio show this week. You can listen to the interview at if you are a subscriber to the site. Hardy said that he would like to continue working for ROH and TNA at the same time if possible but he didn't think that it would be possible. Hardy gave the impression that he's not looking to sign a contract with anyone since he likes having the freedom to work indy dates and pick when and where he wants to work. Hardy noted that it's not good for him to work a four day schedule because physically it's not good for his body. His rule of thumb is to work eight dates a month.

Hardy is said to be making $1,500 per show on the independent scene. He also gets hotel and transportation and $300 for Reby Sky. TNA is said to be paying him about double that amount.

In the interview he noted that he is set for life financially because of the money he made during his WWE years and he is doing independent dates to earn a decent income and stay involved in wrestling. Hardy said that in WWE they drill it in your head that if you're not with them then you're nowhere and people are scared to be cut. He said that there is plenty of work on the independent scene. He said that since he's a popular star that he gets more offers to work than he has dates available and he never has to ask for work or market himself.

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