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Matt Hardy reveals scrapped 2016 plans for 'Too Sweet or Delete' match featuring TNA vs. ROH



During the latest "Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" podcast, Matt and Jeff talked about their reunion in AEW, Jeff talks about why his run in WWE ended, and they remembered the late great Scott Hall.

Jeff talking about reuniting with Matt:

"This past weekend was completely insane. We did like four towns in two days, like these massive meet and greets were just incredible, the support and love that we still have as the Hardy Boyz. Now that we've reunited in a new wrestling world, it's just such an exciting feeling to have this open minded vision of the future as far as this last run and what the Hardy Boys are capable of, and it's super exciting."

Matt added, “We signed autographs and took pictures for 14 hours over the course of two days. That's not even an exaggeration. We went overtime on every signing because there was such a big turnout for it. For 14 hours, we signed autographs and took pictures. That's the most I've ever done in one weekend.”

Matt remembering Scott Hall:

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"Scott was very cool to us. We had a lot of good, fun stories with him. I'll never forget the second day that I was with WWE, obviously the first day, Jeff wrestled him. He was 16 years old. It was under very strange circumstances. Scott Hall's opponent who he was supposed to wrestle said he couldn't take his finish, and he's like, 'Why is this guy here as an extra if he can't take my finish.' He was a little frustrated when he ended up wrestling with Jeff, and that ended up working to Jeff's favor because he formed a little bond with him after that."

Jeff added, "He (Hall) said, 'Let's get this kid on the road and get him seasoned.' I'm not even legal yet. I mean, it's crazy, but there's something very special here to what he saw. He saw my future pretty much through my eyes or my energy or whatever it was. But yeah, man, he believed in us every step of the way, and that's rare. But it was meant to be that night when that guy didn't want to wrestle him. And naturally, I was all about it. I was so nervous."

On why the talks of the cross promotion of ROH and Impact to do the Hardys vs Young Bucks Match didn’t come to be:

Matt said, "Before we left Impact when Anthem came in, Jeff Jarrett wasn't in the best place in his life. We had that disagreement over contracts as things were changing. We ended up going to WWE. But before that, we were going to do a cross-promotional angle between TNA and Ring of Honor, which was ultimately going to be a cinematic match. It was going to be 'Too Sweet or Delete'. So we were really excited about that. There were going to be some cool things on the horizon, but all that stuff fell through. But you know, there could be a possible opportunity to get some of that stuff again here at AEW."

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