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Mia Yim reveals plans to retire with Impact Wrestling



Mia Yim spoke this week with Denise Salcedo where she discussed her return to Impact Wrestling, the differences between now and her last tenure there, and her feelings after being released by the WWE.

Mia Yim was asked what it’s like returning to Impact Wrestling:

"It's an amazing, incredible feeling just to know that I know a majority of these people from the last time I was there, to meeting new people that I felt like I've known them forever. So it's a really cool feeling to walk through those doors and to be welcomed by old, new, everybody, and not even just talent like production and the office," Yim said.

"I've never worked with Scott (D'Amore) before, but man, is he cool. He's just cool to just sit back and just talk with. It's a really nice feeling."

On the difference in Impact wrestling now compared to when she was there before:

"Freedom. Not that we weren't free before, but the minute I signed my contract, I got a text like, 'Hey, what do you want to do for your character?' I said, ‘These are just suggestions. We don't have to go for it, but I've been sitting on these ideas for the past two years.’ So I just talked to them and they're like, 'Okay, great. We'll set everything up.' I was like, 'This is so cool.'"

"The fact that they straight up asked me what I wanted to do says a lot. Then the fact that they actually went about and did it, it was like, I want to retire at Impact. This is where I want to stay forever at this point. So it was definitely a different feeling."

"I felt like I was being heard and listened to. They really took my ideas and like, even little tweaks, they asked, 'Hey, how do you feel about this?' It was like, 'You're really asking me?' So it's nice to feel like I'm respected as a human."

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On if she was going to return to wrestling after the WWE released her:

"A lot was going on in my mind. Me and Keith got released the same day, so it was a lot of just trying to figure out like, I've done everything I wanted to in my career. I set a goal for myself and I've done it all. So do I even want to wrestle anymore with the toxicity of social media and with what I did the last time like, I was a joke. So it was like, do I even bother?”

“So Keith and I got married. We moved two weeks after and bought a house. A lot of real life stuff was happening. Keith, literally right after the wedding, went to work. So I'm like, alright, let me take a couple months to kind of just hold down the fort and get everything together with real life first so he doesn't have to worry about anything and everything will be taken care of at home. So I took a couple months off to do things in my real life, but also to figure out if this is what I wanted to continue to do. It was a lot.”

“I'm close friends with Gail (Kim), and I've been talking to her ever since I left Impact the first time. So we've been talking and I originally didn't want to sign anywhere. I didn't want to do TV. I didn't know what I wanted to do. But Gail was putting over the company, putting over the talent, even Scott, and putting over everything.”

“With Gale being in the position in Impact as the head of the Women's Division, I have no question, no second guesses, no hesitation that if I were to go to Impact under Gail's leadership, everything's gonna be fine. Like, there's no drama. I didn't want to deal with drama or politics. If I was going to wrestle, I just wanted to wrestle and hang out with my friends. That place, I have a lot of friends. I know that I would have a lot of wrestling opportunities. So it was a no brainer for me to finally just be like, okay, I'm gonna give it one more try”

“I don't want people to remember me as what I've done the past year or two. I want people to remember me as Mia Yim. That I've had a decade worth of work under my belt before I had the whole thing happen. I want people to remember that. I'm not just a manager for a group or whatever. Once I decided I'm gonna give wrestling a try, it was like,'Count me in Gail.' At Impact, I'm gonna be okay."

You can view Mia Yim's entire conversation with Denise Salcedo below.

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