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Michael Elgin issues statement on dismissal from Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Michael Elgin has broken his silence on reports about his status with Impact Wrestling.

The promotion announced on Friday that he will not appear on any of their future programming due to accusations coming out of the #SpeakingOut movement on social media. This has led to the belief that he has parted ways with Impact.

This comes days after Elgin had been suspended by the company. He took to his official Instagram account where he wrote the following:

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"I appreciate the time and opportunities given to me with Impact. That locker room, the film crew and all the company officials were a pleasure to be associated with. I hope that in time things get sorted," Elgin wrote. "For now I have to look at the brighter side, I have more time to spend with my son and reclaim that has been missed."

It turns out that Elgin was involved in a fight backstage with another Impact wrestler at a recent set of TV tapings. For more on that, click here.