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Mike Tenay being replaced as the Impact Wrestling announcer

As part of TNA's reboot on Destination America (new graphics, new look) they will also be replacing Mike Tenay as the announcer. Josh Matthews will be the lead announcer on the show along with Taz. The expectation is that Tenay will be staying with the company with an on-air role.

By keeping Tenay that keeps him away from doing anything with Jeff Jarrett's company. Jarrett is considered Public Enemy No. 1 within TNA. As noted, that's why they've been doing those videos with Rockstar Spud starting his own wrestling company. Matthews, who signed with TNA right after his non-compete ended with WWE, is also close with John Gaburick. Matthews also moved to Nashville and has been working on the TNA website and other things for them for the past few months.

Speaking of Taz, he announced earlier this week that he will be launching a podcast soon. Taz had done a short lived show with Michael Cole on Sirius radio a few years ago and did a podcast a couple of years ago as well. Taz noted that his podcast will start in the second week of January.

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