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Mike Tenay explains why there has been so much uncertainty in TNA over the years

Longtime TNA commentator Mike Tenay joined the IN THE ROOM podcast this past Tuesday with Brady Hicks, former WCW wrestler The Stro, Kathie Fitzpatrick, Derrick McDonald and Jordan Garber to discuss various topics.

Down below is an excerpt from the interview in which he talks about the uncertainty in TNA over the years.

"There was the chance, when we got going, to take this to another level. But realistically, when you look back at the fact that we were - in terms of the wrestling business model - doing it completely backwards. We were running a pay-per-view show without having the regular television show to drive people to the pay-per-view ... You look at that business model and you just say 'How the heck could that thing succeed?' Fortunately, even after a little stumble after the first couple of months, we received the new investors: the Carter family got involved. They were able to keep us going in that environment

"In spite of all [the] negatives, we were able to attract Spike TV. Gosh, if you look back, you would have to say it was a long shot for a company that started off as just a pay-per-view company, for a company that had had its obituary written on many, many occasions. It's one of those things that we think about every year at the anniversary time and it's definitely one of the things that I was thinking about this past week and this past weekend, when we celebrated our 13th year in business, which is just amazing."

This show can be downloaded at both and Go check them out.

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