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Moose cashes in and beats Josh Alexander to win Impact World Championship at Bound For Glory PPV

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

In the main event of Bound For Glory, Christian Cage put the Impact World Championship on the line against Josh Alexander.

This was a solid wrestling match that started out slow and the pace picked up as time went by. About 10 minutes in, Alexander hit a knee to the back of the head off the second rope that almost led to the 3 count.

Cage fought back and hit a tornado DDT off the second rope but Alexander kicked out of the pin attempt. Alexander hit Chaos Theory and almost got the 3 count. Alexander followed up with the crossface submission and then the ankle lock but as Cage was about to break free, Alexander turned into the sharpshooter. Cage was able to break the hold by getting to the bottom rope.

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Cage hit a spear after Alexander missed a moonsault off the top. Cage tried to end the match but Alexander kicked out. There was another close near fall after Cage hit a splash off the top rope. Moments later, Alexander won the title by forcing Cage to tap out to the ankle lock. Cage handed the title over and hugged Alexander.

Alexander celebrated with his family but Moose ran in to cash in his "Call Your Shot" and he speared Alexander to win the title. Moose then stood over Alexander and Alexander's wife and kids were in the ring.

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