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More departures at Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

The word making the rounds at Impact Wrestling, according to PWInsider, is that John Gaburick will be leaving the company by January 1st. Gaburick was kept on board as a consultant when Anthem took over earlier this year.

He was also considered to be insurance just in case things did not work out with Jeff Jarrett's regime. Gaburick helped out with the transition when Jarrett was let go and he also worked on the production side of things. He also had a hand in the creative alongside Sonjay Dutt and Scott D'Amore.

Now that D'Amore and Dutt are in place, Gaburick will be leaving the company in a few weeks. This is not a surprise to him or anyone in management because Gaburick had been preparing for his exit and had already been working on outside projects before Jarrett's departure.

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Also, Dutch Mantel may already be gone from the company but that is not confirmed. If he's not gone then he will be by January 1st. Mantel was close to Jarrett but his power was diminished with Jarrett's departure.

For those of you wondering about Bob Ryder, he still holds a job with the company and the belief is that he will work from home.

There's here to read about the top wrestlers expected to leave Impact soon.

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