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More details on the recent TNA conference calls with talent

At last weeks conference call, Dixie Carter claimed that she knew about the ROH deal with Destination America before it was announced. She said that she was told to keep things quiet and that she was not blindsided by the announcement. People that were on the conference call said that she came off as unconvincing especially since people in the TNA office said that everyone freaked out when the announcement was made last Wednesday.

As noted before, John Gaburick was asked if there would be a ROH/TNA crossover at some point with guys from ROH feuding with TNA guys. Gaburick said that he could not answer that due to confidentiality but he would not rule it out. Again, it's worth noting that ROH is carrying on like it's business as usual and have not acknowledged TNA on social media or in their press release.

Also, at the same meeting, Dixie encouraged the talent to support the company on Twitter. She also told them to bury any negative reports on the company. Some people did as she said while others have kept quiet.

There was a second conference call on Monday. This call was to ask talent for idea on how they could use social media to help bring up the profile of the company. So if you've noticed the talent tweeting more about Impact this week then that's why. I will say that they did a good job on Wednesday night during Impact and there were a lot of retweets of positive fan feedback.

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