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More notes from last week's TNA conference call, ROH/TNA interpromotional angle?

Here are some more notes from the TNA conference call from earlier this week. Dave Meltzer noted on today's Wrestling Observer radio that Dixie Carter told the talent that she knew about the ROH announcement beforehand even though that was not true and the ROH/Destination America announcement was something that was kept a secret. People in TNA were not told about it and it was clear that the TNA wrestlers did not know beforehand especially if you read MVP's tweets. If Dixie knew, as she claimed, then it would have made sense to tell the wrestlers instead of having them find out about it on twitter.

Someone on the conference call asked if they would do an interpromotional angle with ROH. John Gaburick said something along the lines of "I cannot answer that question due to confidentiality but I'm not telling you that it won't happen." That's not the exact quote since it was relayed by someone that was on the conference call but that is basically what he said. Something tells me that there won't be any interpromotional angles between ROH and TNA and that's just wishful thinking on TNA's part but we'll see. If Destination America is still planning on "cancelling" or "not renewing" Impact in September then the only reason it might make sense to do an interpromotional angle would be to help ROH, not TNA. If TNA ratings improve and if Destination America has a change of heart on TNA then I'd love to see interpromotional angles between both companies at some point. I'm still pulling for TNA even with the behind-the-scenes issues during the past year or so.

As of this writing, Ring of Honor has not acknowledged TNA on their twitter account but TNA has on several occasions. Bob Ryder referred to ROH as "neighbors" and not "enemies." ROH also did not acknowledge TNA in the press release that they sent out when the big TV deal announcement was made. Some could argue that TNA needs ROH more than ROH needs them. ROH would be fine without the Destination America deal. Also, for those that have asked, the word is that ROH has purchased a new lighting grid so that should improve the lighting on future shows.

Ring Of Honor ran a show in Oklahoma City on Saturday night. Jim Ross was there to check out the show.

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