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More on Spike TV being furious over Vince Russo working with TNA

Vince Russo said on his website that he was hired by TNA on October 24, 2013 and he was told that he could not tell anyone that he was back with the company. He also said that only he, Dixie Carter, and John Gaburick were to know that he was back. He said that Carter told him that if anyone else found out that he would be fired. Others did end up finding out later on. Russo said that he was told months ago by Gaburick that Scott Fishman from Spike TV was told about Russo being back. Dave Meltzer noted that several sources in TNA indicated that there was panic when it was revealed publicly that Russo was back with TNA since they were already in tenuous negotiations with Spike TV. As noted before, Spike TV doesn't like Russo and didn't want him there. Sources said that Russo was part of the reason that the TNA/Spike deal fell apart. Hulk Hogan said that he knows people that are close to Kevin Kay and Kay was furious when he found out that "a writer that they didn't like" was working there.

There were people before that wanted Russo fired but Dixie Carter was against it and was always defensive of Russo. Russo also said that he ignored a request from TNA to not do Jim Ross' podcast.

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