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More on TNA’s new TV deal, what they told the talent, names not under contract, & more

Here are some more details on TNA’s new deal with Destination America. As noted earlier, the talent was told that the good thing about this deal is that TNA will be a top priority for the network. The skeptics would say that Discovery should have put them on their main channel. The deal would include more hours than TNA had on Spike including a replay of Impact every week. One idea mentioned was doing an American version of British Boot Camp.

Although Disvoery does get international distribution rights for the show, TNA retains the rights to their exisitng international deals (UK, Australia, etc). The belief is that this will allow John Gaburick to negotiate new deals with talents that have had their deals expire or will have deals expiring before January. Some of the names would be Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Eddie Edwards, Bully Ray, Davey Richards, Gail Kim, and Mike Tenay.

Even though TNA had solid ratings (above average for the network), the issue they had was getting good ad rates for the show. It was said that if TNA was doing the type of ratings that they were doing a few years ago then the call from Spike to not renew TNA would not have been made.

There is no word on house shows. They no longer have a house show promoter and the person who handled the merchandise was let go. Sources at Destination America believe that the deal was made last Wednesday (11/12/14). It will be tough for them considering that the highest rated show in the history of Destination America did 473,000 viewers and with that network being in about half of the Spike TV homes, it would be difficult for them to even get 500,000 viewers. Several people have emailed me today saying that they get the channel but they would have to upgrade their cable package to get it.

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