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More on TNA’s TV situation; debunking a false story from another website

Dave Meltzer talked about the Spike TV/TNA deal today and no matter what anyone says, the Spike TV/TNA deal is a dead issue. There will not be a renewal from Spike TV. Meltzer also talked about the talks TNA is having with at least 4 different networks. None of those networks is Spike TV. Despite some rumors on the internet, Spike is not looking to start their own wrestling promotion.

Meltzer did not say this but PWInsider has been saying for months that TNA and Spike TV are still negotiating. Spike and TNA are also saying that publicly. That is not true and the deal is, as noted before, is that Spike is being a good partner to TNA. By publicly going out and saying that they are no longer negotiating can hurt TNA’s leverage with other networks so Spike is essentially helping TNA make a smooth transition.


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