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More on Vince Russo and how TNA lied to Spike TV and their wrestlers

As noted this week, the TNA wrestlers were outright lied to by TNA whenever someone asked about Vince Russo. The company had been denying that Russo was working for TNA. It was also an issue with Wrestle-1 but TNA finally did come clean to them. Some wrestlers did know (they figured it out) but were never actually told. Russo had also denied it to everyone including some of his longtime friends. The key to everything is that TNA didn’t want Spike TV to find out. As noted on Sunday, Spike TV absolutely does not like Vince Russo.

The issues that Spike has with Russo goes back a few years. Once source said that years ago Spike told people at TNA that they didn’t want anything to do with Russo. Russo made things worse when he mocked Mike Johnson and tried to make it seem that Johnson posted a false story. He also tweeted us at our @WrestlingNewsCo account and tried to convince us that he just pulled a swerve. Russo was ordered to apologize. Russo was told last year when he was brought back to not tell anyone and he kept things quiet because his employer told him. It was obvious to many that Russo was working for TNA because you could see some of his footprints on the writing of the show with the types of matches, the things certain wrestlers were told to say, the anti-women angles, etc.

When Russo apologized he said that he was working as a consultant for the announcers but that’s not entirely true. The one thing that Johnson couldn’t prove from the accidental email sent to him was that he’s actually doing creative for the company. There’s no word on what Spike TV thinks of all of this but this could impact the TV negotiations.

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