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More weirdness from TNA

I noted a few days ago that it was a little odd that TNA announced Bram and The Wolves as re-signing with the company. In Bram’s case they had announced him as signing a mult-year deal in May of last year and then they announced that he had re-signed in January and then re-signed in March and finally, they announced that he re-signed last week. That’s four times in the past year that he had supposedly signed a deal with the company even though the first announcment from last year stated that he had signed a mult-year deal. To many, last week’s announcement on Bram and The Wolves came off like TNA trying to spin things to make it sound like everything was fine despite the reports about their cancellation from Destination America.

The Wolves were also announced as signing a new deal in January and then signing a deal last week. Those close to the situation tell the Wrestling Observer that Edwards and Richards contracts that they had originally signed rolled over in January and they didn’t sign new ones, and they didn’t sign new ones last week. So basically they are on their same deal even though Bob Ryder claimed that they are new signings.

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