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Mr. Anderson talks about fans wanting TNA to fail, ROH vs. TNA & more

TNA star Mr. Anderson appeared on Busted Open Radio on Tuesday afternoon to promote Impact Wrestling moving from Friday night to Wednesday night starting tomorrow night on Destination America. Down below are the highlights from that interview.

On fans wanting TNA to fail: "I don't understand why people want this company to fail. I couldn't see someone saying, I want Target to fail. I want Best Buy to fail. I ONLY wanna shop at Walmart."

On ROH and TNA being on the same network: "It creates something that the wrestling fan hasn't experienced in quite some time...competition."

On wrestling creative and how hard it is to book a wrestling show: Wrestling is pretty basic/simple. This guy hates this guy. You add a little more of a backstory. And sometimes I think things are made more complicated than they should be...I stopped reading dirt sheets and internet rumors long ago because...The things that I found that writers/complainers are complaining about are the things the boys complain about. We just can't say anything. If they say tomorrow, "You're gonna come down to the ring on a unicycle, juggling chainsaws and wearing a tutu, " You have two options, you can say screw off or you can go down there...

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Wrestling creative is the hardest job in entertainment period. If you look at TV, writers put down something for a few weeks or month and then they film it. Wrestling creative, there's no not only do you have to come up with what's on the show, you have to come up with web content, with something for our overseas market that's not for the's really hard reinventing the wheel."