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New Look Planned For Top Global Force Wrestling Star

GFW / Anthem Media

GFW / Anthem Media

A superstar has to freshen up their look every so often in order to remain relevant. Some people change up their names and even their speaking patterns to switch-up their presentation and it turns out one popular star in GFW might be getting a different treatment very soon.

Abyss has been in GFW since they were TNA. He seems to be one of the few people who have stuck through every incarnation of the company and his Monstrous gimmick has seen a couple changes as well. Over time Abyss gave up his mask and took a new moniker, but recent reports are he's set to receive another makeover.

Dave Meltzer reported in the recent issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that after Abyss' current run as Joseph Park has concluded he is set to receive a new look and updated mask. Let's hope it suits him well.

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