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News on the email that Dixie Carter inadvertently sent out to Discovery executives

Earlier this year there was a story going around about an email that Dixie Carter had accidentally sent to the President of Discovery, Marc Graboff. In April, Discovery sent out a press release with viewership numbers for Impact. Dixie Carter was upset because the +3 DVR numbers were not included. The +3 numbers would include DVR viewership numbers up to 3 days after the show first airs.

So what happened was that Carter sent an email out to people within TNA complaining about this and she somehow inadvertently copied Graboff in the email and she said some negative things about him. I believe she referenced the people at Destination America as being “dummies”. TNA was reportedly in a panic after realizing what Dixie had just done and she did not attend the quarterly meeting with Destination America a week later. We don’t know if she chose not to attend the meeting because she was embarrassed or if there was a scheduling conflict but this was a quarterly meeting that was known about in advance and she had been to the first quarterly meeting in January.

A week after all of this went down, Destination America made the decision to exclude Impact Wrestling from their fall schedule. This was before they made the call to move the show from Fridays to Wednesday. That is a bit odd because the Wednesday move, in theory, would have been a good thing for TNA. In actuality, the move to Wednesday’s didn’t help the show.

I had heard that Dixie Carter had plans to film an interview with Josh Mathews to address reports that Destination America was dropping TNA from their schedule. For whatever reason, the plans were dropped and people within the company would end up going on social media in an attempt to discredit the reports. It should be noted that Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer newsletter was the person to break the news about the internal memo that was sent within Discovery that said that they would be dropping TNA in the fall.

Dave Meltzer noted in this week’s Wrestling Observer newsletter that she had also inadvertently sent the email to Harvey Schlieff, the Group President of Destination America and several other Discovery network executives. Schlieff responded to her by saying that he was sorry that she felt that way. That, and TNA’s declining ratings, is apparently what led to the internal memo being sent in regards to Discovery making the decision to drop Impact.

As noted before, Impact has been dropped from the schedule in several countries on Discovery-owned networks and they are not listed on TNA’s own website schedule after October 7th.

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